5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Tight Budget

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Staying Healthy is taking proper care of the body by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, it involves maintaining a balance between what you eat and how much physical activity you get. Staying healthy is a lifestyle choice that involves more than dieting and hitting the gym.

Living a long term healthy lifestyle helps add more years to ones life and reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and obesity. It also helps you look and feel good, increases energy etc.

Even though healthy living tends to be difficult and expensive, it is still paramount to our well being. I have put together a list of hacks that help me stay healthy on my tight student budget.

  • Home Cooked(Healthy) Meals:  Good health is made in your kitchen, your body is 100% what you put into it. One of the best ways to a healthy diet is cooking your own meals. Cutting out restaurants, fast foods and buka, not only saves you money but also helps you monitor what you put into your body.  Try as much as you can to cook at home and pack to work, school etc, it is also important to substitute healthier options (instead of white rice, try brown rice and use honey instead of refined sugar). Bonus Hack – Meal prep i.e cook in advance.
  • Drink lots of Water: Water is cheap and contains zero calories or side effects, drinking lots of water flushes out toxins from the body, increases energy, is good for weight loss, improves the skin complexion and boosts the immune system. It is recommended that you consume 8 cups of water (1.9 litres) daily. Bonus Hack – If you hate drinking water like me, you can infuse fruits like lemon, lime, cucumber and strawberries for an interesting taste YUM!
  • Buy Fruits and Vegetables in Season: When fruits and vegetables are in season they tend to cost less and can be found at almost every fruit market, stores and grocery shops. Buying fruits and veggies in season not only helps you save money, it also ensures that you buy fruits fresh and not chemically enhanced. Bonus Hack – Buy fruits when is season and keep them frozen for use when its off-season.
  • No to Junk Food: One of the biggest fails for a healthy lifestyle is been overly fund of junk food or comfort food. Junk foods are high in calories, have low nutritional values and are packed with synthetic chemicals, which are bad for the body. Cutting off junk food from your diet helps you save much needed money and also improves your overall health. Bonus Hack – In between meal try to snack on dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are packed with healthy nutrients, low calories and very filling.
  • You Don’t need a Gym: To keep fit and healthy you need to burn more calories than you consume, a lot of people are under the misconception that without a gym it is impossible for one to exercise. Whilst going to the gym is okay, gym memberships cost a lot of money and you may end up never going. So when on a budget you can check out cheaper options like jogging, power walking, dancing, a home gym or workout space, Workout DVDs and even swimming. Bonus Hack – Instead of taking the lift and elevators, you can take the stairs, walk that short distance instead of picking a cab!

Staying healthy is and should be a priority to each and even one of us, I am a living testimony to the fact that this is in no way easy but all we can do is try. Fake it till you make it and staying healthy becomes a way of life, falling off once doesn’t mean its the end, push your self till you make it.

Are you on a tight budget? is healthy living your priority? have you tried and fallen off the wagon before? Well share your story by commenting below. 

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Tight Budget

  1. Yes im on a tight budget atm. But of course, this is just an excuse I make to defend myself, haha! Healthy lifestyle doesnt have to include gym membership & eating organics all the time. Im a firm believer of “when there’s a will, there is a way” 😊


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