Palazzo Pants X Cornrows

Palazzo pants are lose women ‘s trousers that flare from the waist and fall to the ankles. They first became popular in the 1960’s and 70’s and have remained fashionable even today. 

Palazzo pants are stylish and super comfortable,  they are also my favorite pair of trousers to wear. They come in many styles and can be worn to just about anywhere, by either dressing it up or dressing it down.

With this look,  I was aiming for a monochromatic look, so I decided on a black palazzo pants and white off-shoulder top.  I loved how the off shoulder top shows off my neck and how the tuck in accentuated my figure and the flowy nature of the pants.

I however added a pop of color to the outfit by wearing some color on my feet and neck, (spot my DIY Ankara choker),  the print on my shoes and neck are almost identical and helped to add harmony to my outfit.

I opted for a simple make up because I wanted to focus more attention on my outfit rather than my face, and this look helped me achieve that. 

The cornrows was just something that happened, and I love how it added a bit of edge and Africaness to the whole look! This outfit can be dressed down or dressed up depending on the event one is attending.

I love how this pants make me feel, I love the flowy nature of these pants. Infact these pants are my favorite…..

Hope this new month has been absolutely wonderful to y’all,  remember to stay on the blog as I bring you updates from Accra Fashion week!!!

What are your thoughts on the outfit?  How do you style your palazzo pants?  Drop your comments below👇

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8 thoughts on “Palazzo Pants X Cornrows

  1. Palazzo are one of my favourite and most comfortable pair of pants. I love how you had less makeup on and all my eyes could capture was the outfit. The sense of Africa culture on your outfit wrapped it all up 😚😚😚😚.


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