Loving my TWA 

Hello! natural girls and boys in the house, how are you all doing and how is little or big baby as the case may be doing?  My TWA is five months this month!! I am super duper excited, cos I have never really had one hair style for more than a few months and I can see this baby girl going far. 

Growing up, natural/un-permed hair was one of those things I looked at with disgust, I always felt it was local or outdated or something!! But now I know better. There is something so refreshing and amazing about nurturing your hair without help from relaxers and the rest.

For my five months hairversary, I am bringing y’all a list of my hair routines and ways that I care for my TWA.

Wash, wash, wash!!  Natural hair needs moisture to thrive, I wash my TWA using DIY black soap liquid shampoo at least 4 times a week. I also make sure my hair is moisturised by always spritzing my hair with water and using leave – in conditioners.

Deep love: Deep conditioning helps rejuvenate your hair, depending on the products used it can help repair heat damages, add shine and protect the hair from further damages. I deep condition my TWA every week, I use honey and whole eggs or avocado and sometimes I just mix olive oil and honey with my palm olive conditioner.

Protective styling: Constant manipulation of the hair results in breakage and weak or split ends, To avoid this I put my hair in Protective styles when I can. I love cornrows and box braids or twists.

Avoid heat: Constantly applying heat to your hair can result in a lot of damages, I simply try as much as possible to avoid using heat when styling or drying my hair. I just wash my hair and allow it to air dry and I style my hair in ways that don’t require heat.

Natural products: I use Natural products whenever I can for my TWA because it  allows me to know exactly what am putting on my hair. I use a lot of DIY products because they are cheap and have very good effects on my hair. I make sure to avoid shampoos, conditioners and hair products that contain sulphur as they dry out the hair.

Just love it!!!  The final routine advice is to love your hair no matter what awkward stage its at, sometimes I see a style on someone and then I go and try it out but it doesn’t turn out right, all I do is to take a deep breath and just love my hair.

Bonus points: Honey, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter and avocado works wonders for all types of Natural hair. 

Happy hairversary to me! And cheers to many more hairversaries . I would like to hear from you, how do you care for your hair? Drop your comments below👇

P. S will be writing about some of my DIY hair products for Natural hair, so stay tuned!!!! 


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