Picture Perfect & Arts Overload

Me, myself and I #chalewote2016

Chalewote Street Arts festival has come and gone, and I am left with memories that may very well last an eternity. The festival which took place from 15th to 21st of August in the capital city of Accra was beyond amazing and extremely beautiful.

I first experienced Chalewote in 2015, it was so much fun that I swore right then and there never to miss it for anything in the world. The experience was so surreal and attractive it just sucked me in. This year’s event was no different…

Me last year at Chalewote 2015

I was opportune to attend Day 1 of the street art festival after having missed the exhibitions, talks and movie screenings. I went with a bag filled with expectations, every single one of which was met. I expected arts, graffiti, creativity, picture perfect scenes, crowds, food, friends, laughter, fashion & music and boy! it was all present in overload….

My regrets was not being able to attend on Day 2, not taking enough pictures, not seeing most of my friends (there was pedestrian traffic), not walking around enough LOL!! But all in all it was a great experience from dancing to beats with my friends, to watching the processions, shopping (bought we naturals twist and souffle hair product for a discount price), to walking around and having fun with my sister & friends, to looking at the artworks and graffiti, to just walking to the beach…. it was all well worth it. I am already anticipating next year’s edition.

Photos Below

Friends & family



Feel free to share your experiences from the Chalewote street art festival 2016… Like, share and comment…



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