Deep Reflections

As I write this post, my heart is filled with pain,  agony,  anger and so many questions, questions I have no answers to.

Over the past few months I have heard, seen or known a few people who have passed away, a few were sick,  some were vibrant, happy and filled with dreams like you and I. After days of reflecting over the finality of death and how it can happen at any moment,  only one question keeps coming to mind… And what is the point?

I have asked myself this question over and over and over and I still haven’t been able to find a conclusive answer to it and today I want you my readers to join me in deep reflection and ask yourselves this same question.. And what is the point???

What is the point of doing that demeaning thing that goes against your strongest principles,  because you needed that job or money? What is the point of being rude and merciless to that stranger you know nothing about? What is the point of going to extra lengths to acquire all that wealth, when you can be dead in a second? What is the point of working yourself to the ground because you want that promotion? What is the point of worrying so much about your little and mundane issues when lives are lost every single day?  What is the point of wanting so much when we can be fine with so little?

While I may not have any answers to these questions,  I have realised that the most important point in life is to give thanks and live a life that we can be truly proud of. We need to realise that our lives could be so much worse than that broken door or that beaten-down truck or that bad job or that small nose or that little house,  we could have a life that was so much worse or even no life at all.

Most times we get so carried away by work, school and complaints that we forget to take a moment appreciate the good life that we have. We forget to give thanks for the opportunity to be alive. A lot of us even forget to realise that we could be dead in a flash,  we just forget and just get so swept away by the flow of life…

Today,  I urge us to stop,  take a moment and appreciate your life. I challenge us today to make a list of the things we are truly grateful for,  it could be something so small or something so big…….

I also challenge us to step back and ask ourselves…   And What is the point?????

I am grateful for my life, my family,  the amazing friends I have who constantly remind me that life is beautiful. I am grateful for the opportunities, the ability to dream and the strength to work hard always to accomplish my dreams…..  I am grateful for the privilege to be alive. 


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