Chalewote 2016: Are you READY?

Let’s go!!!!! 

Chalewote is an annual street art festival held in James town Accra Ghana,  the art festival is coming back for its 6th edition and it promises to be bigger and so much better. With activities organized to span for a period of one week 15-21st August 2016.

This year’s editions will feature art exhibitions in collaboration with various reputatable art galleries and studios,  film shows and screeninings of movies that conform with the theme ‘spirit robot’.  The climax is the street art festival from 20-21st August at James Town Accra.  The festival is attended by tourists, artlovers, fashionistas, celebrities, photographers,  everyone and features musical performances, tours, grafitis and just a whole load of fun activities.

The event which is organized by Accra [dot] Alt,  is the ‘cochella’ of West Africa and an amazing experience for all attendants.

Why you should attend… 

  • Networking: Chalewote street art festival provides a great opportunity for you to meet up with old friends you havent seen in a while, you can also form new acquaintances or just bump into people you have been stalking on social media!!! 😛
  • Fashion scene: The street art festival is an interesting backdrop for all things fashion,  from the colorful scenes, creative dressings and hairstyles. Its just the perfect place to gather inspiration for that next collection. 
  • Art: This year’s festival with it’s numerous art exhibtions will offer a perfect opportunity for art lovers to take in Ghana’s art scene. 
  • Fun: Chalewote is fun,  scratch that its simply the most fun event I have attended in Ghana. From the street shows to colorful grafitis and bomb selfies , I just love Chalewote. 
  • Photo shoots: The festival with its deep color infusion is the perfect scene for that amazing shoot,  you can take beautiful photos by the ruins,  grafitis or just about anywhere. 
  • Tourism: The festival and it’s walking tours allows you to see the beauty of Jamestown a fishing harbour that has so much history. You can see the light house and the various buildings built by former European powers. 

I so much look forward to this year’s edition as it will allow me to reconnect with some amazing people I have met in the fashion and art industry. I also get the opportunity to get dressed and go out and just have fun and enjoy art and the beauty of African art…..

Hope you make it to the event,  you just need to experience the sheer beauty of it.. Here are a few photos to show just how much fun you will have…..


P. S all photos were sourced from the internet,  just google Chalewote art festival for more.

Please Feel free to like, share and leave comments below!!!!  Let’s build a community.


2 thoughts on “Chalewote 2016: Are you READY?

  1. This was very very educational, because literally i thought it was just a random festival of people dressed in funny ways and walking on the street to portray nothing, bbut this blog has thought me more and has shown that its way more than being naked. Thank you.

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