Undeniably Nigerian! 

Hello everyone, trust you are having a good first few days of the month…

Oh no!  She shouldn’t have dressed like that, she looks too slutty.

Have you ever walked past someone and had this same thought??  Yeah I know,  story of my life.

I like to think of myself as forward, open minded and liberal but been born and raised in Nigeria can do a number on even the best of us… In Nigeria and almost all West African countries,  we have standards, values, unwritten laws that govern how we think, look, dress and view life. Here are some of the ideas that Nigeria forced on me.. 

  • Dressing:  I am all for freedom of dressing, expressing yourself and telling your story through what you wear but sometimes I find myself judging people for what they chose to wear. This is never conscious of course, it stems out of years of been taught that what you wear defines you, that you need to cover up properly.. But who am I to judge eh?? 
  • Honorifics: After been raised in a country where every older person is called Ma, Sir, Sister,  Aunty,  Uncle. Working in a relaxed and first name basis environment has been difficult for me,  so much so that I resort to not referring to anyone by their names, I just get in their line of view and speak. 
  • Trust issues: I totally love Nigeria, but hey!!!  Why is everyone a suspect???  I am not judgemental but when you come from where I come from you need to judge and be judged LOL!. Coming from Nigeria forced me to be extremely careful of everyone from friends to stranger, you just need to be careful. Even after living in a place like Ghana for the past three years, I haven’t been able to stop been paranoid, safety conscious and suspicious of everyone (yes you read right, everyone!). 
  • Education: I know, I know, education is not all there is but try telling that to a full time Nigerian like myself. We just love to go to school, imagine been prepared for university since you were like 3, not easy huh??  I have been programmed to believe that education is bae!  If anyone tells me they are thinking of dropping out, I just cringe….. 

Hey don’t get me wrong I love Nigeria, its the best country in the world but y’all have spoilt me……..


6 thoughts on “Undeniably Nigerian! 

  1. ‘Y’all have spoilt me’ who spoilt you (laughs scornfully)

    You know I’m proud of you and this piece got me like this girl have really been learning from all tutorials ,by me.

    I totally love this piece and it got me feeling it was actually a one-on-one oral dialogue with you….and that’s how it should be. We pushing and sure would get better…zealous and better you I pray💜💜 and👍.

    Liked by 1 person

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