Black Soap:A wonderful treasure

Black soap / Alata Samina or Dudu Osun as it is called in parts of West Africa is one big treasure. This amazing soap is all natural and has a basket full of uses and benefits.

I first discovered Alata Samina when I came to Ghana in 2o13 but started using it in April 2016 as part of my efforts to put mostly natural things on my skin.  The soap is made from cocoa pod, plantain skin, coconut oil and palm oil.The soap ranges from light brown to deep brown and can be used for anything from washing your hair, bathing and as a relief for acne,  and other skin defects.

I use this soap for my skin and my twa and I must tell you it works so well, it makes my skin softer and its CHEAP (I am a sucker for cheap things. Lol),  it lathers well too, is mild on the skin and like I said its natural. It however tends to have a strong smell but you will get used to it in time. 

What’s even better is how easy it is to find this soap, for people in Ghana and Nigeria it can be bought in the markets but hey!!! beware of imitation (natural alata samina is never black in color).

Black soap is literally a cheap treasure you just have to try it out! 😘

P. S will be posting a DIY liquid black soap shampoo tutorial soon……


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